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Design exhibition stand

A unique exhibition stand, for a fixed price per m2.

Let our creative mind surprise you.

Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

We crawl into your skin and make an inventory of your wishes. What are important brand values? Which colours, shapes, ideas will we be working with? What are the objectives and expectations of the exhibition visit? Your input forms the basis of our design phase.
We have collected all input. Our designers translate your ideas into an exhibition stand that not only stands out, but also contributes to the objectives of the exhibition visit.
Stand out
Finally, it's up to you to shine. Make the most of your visit to the fair, achieve objectives and only focus on that. We take care of the rest. From construction and realization to cleaning up the stand again, that's our package.

Designing your own exhibition stand may sound simple, but it certainly is not. The stand designers of StandSite have experience with designing unique exhibition stands and are also familiar with professional design programs. They know exactly which possibilities and limitations designing visuals for an exhibition stand entails.

We are happy to work with you on a suitable design for your exhibition stand, your input is crucial in this. Thanks to our modular elements, which form the basis of an exhibition stand, our stand designers can realize a suitable composition for any combination of company, brand, product, target group and exhibition. Curious about your options? Check out our website for more information and inspiration.

Design a professional exhibition stand

A professional image is extremely important for every company. When you participate in a trade show, you can show your professional attitude by taking care of your presentation to perfection. This does not have to mean that an exhibition stand has to come across as formal, sleek or businesslike, but of course you want visitors to see and experience that you are well-groomed and professional in your approach. Which style we use in the design of your exhibition stand is up to you. With our modular elements we can design an exhibition stand that fully meets your wishes and requirements. The exact design of the visuals and the processing of your own branding is provided by our stand designer.

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Stand designer

Designing an exhibition stand is a specialist task that we would like to leave to a skilled and experienced stand designer. Fortunately, we employ a number of these professionals at StandSite. They know better than anyone how an idea is translated into a perfect design. Before they start designing your exhibition stand, they first need more information about your company, your brand and the message you want to convey to the public. They also want to know more about the ideas you undoubtedly already have. During the design of your exhibition stand, our stand designer will keep you informed and contact you to inquire when necessary.

Small stands
(0 - 25 m²)


Medium stands
(25 - 50 m²)


Large stands
(50+ m²)


Fixed, low price per square meter

As for the cost, we can be very short. The only variable that affects the price is the number of square meters of your exhibition stand. Designing, realizing, building, clearing and transporting the exhibition stand are included in the price. We use fixed prices per square meter, so you will never be faced with surprises. Are you not satisfied with the concept of our stand designer? Then you can easily request a revision, because the price is fixed. With this concept we ensure that we can design a unique exhibition stand for a fixed, low price.

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