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Every expo stand is unique, but they all have a fixed m² price

We put ourselves in your shoes and make sure that your brand stands out

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Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

We crawl into your skin and make an inventory of your wishes. What are important brand values? Which colours, shapes, ideas will we be working with? What are the objectives and expectations of the exhibition visit? Your input forms the basis of our design phase.
We have collected all input. Our designers translate your ideas into an exhibition stand that not only stands out, but also contributes to the objectives of the exhibition visit.
Stand out
Finally, it's up to you to shine. Make the most of your visit to the fair, achieve objectives and only focus on that. We take care of the rest. From construction and realization to cleaning up the stand again, that's our package.

We are the stand construction company for modular stand construction

We are specialised in modular expo stand solutions. We create a unique exhibition stand that fits your company, in a translation of your wishes with regard to the lay-out and fits within your budget. Your input is our starting point. We take care of your exhibition stand with our perfected service, so you can focus entirely on preparing for the expo.

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A durable exhibition stand made out of reusable components
A fixed price per square meter including design, construction and deconstruction
Communicating through unique
graphic elements
A high-quality exhibition stand
Exclusive AV & eyecatchers
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    A fresh design that meets all technical requirements
    Construction and deconstruction, we arrange everything
    Custom made parts

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    Small stands
    (0 - 25 m²)


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    Fortunately, we are not the only ones who are proud,
    Sharing is caring, this is what our clients say:

    • Adroll 
      We have been working with StandSite at our expo events at EMEA for more than 3 years. StandSite has delivered consistent design that impressed our customers. They always make every effort to understand our brand and what we try to convey. They come up with beautiful and innovative stands that appeal to our customers and target group. We work with StandSite because of the service they provide. From design and concept to realization, they make our work a lot easier.

    • Nedelko
      Nedelko got to know StandSite as a fun, honest, open and above all a professional company that is very nice to collaborate with. They think along, search for solutions when necessary and always operate in the interest of their client. I’ve never got a ‘no’ as response to a question. That says it all, doesn’t it?

    Our concept

    You are planning on attending an expo with your own stand and it is needless to say that you want that stand to be perfect. That is why you are looking for an exhibition stand builder that is not only capable of making a good stand, but even more so a stand that really connects to your company. StandSite is specialised in creating modular stand building solutions. Our concept gives you the opportunity to let us create a unique design for a fixed price per square meter. Our experienced designers have the creativity that is needed to make your exhibition booth stand out.

    Unique exhibition stand for a fixed price

    Stand construction company StandSite realizes your stand with a unique design for a standard price. With our modular elements you can build your stand as you wish. With audiovisual elements, such as light columns, we increase the attention value of your stand.

    Are you attending multiple exhibitions and do you want to create a different setting at each exhibition? Thanks to our modular elements we can set up your stand the way you want and alter this setup at any given moment. Of course we will combine the elements we have designed with branding elements of your company or brand. This way we can make your exhibition stand recognizable for the audience, which helps building brand awareness.

    Experienced and skilled

    We understand the important position we are put in when designing an exhibition booth for a client. You entrust us to make an expo stand that will not go unnoticed and leaves a positive impression of your company. We know that we have to deliver and luckily we can say we have always done exactly that. We do not only design and build an exhibition stand that makes your company stand out from the crowd and from your competition that, undoubtedly, will be present at the same expo. Our service is even more extensive, as we build your expo stand on the spot at any given time and location in the Netherlands. Transporting your stand to another European country is also a possibility, please let us know if you would like to know more about our international services.

    When the exhibition has ended, we come to take down and store the stand. This extensive service is included in the fixed price per square meter. Let our experienced and skilled designers design your exhibition stand that will get the right message to your target audience. We are dedicated to design high-level expo stands that will give you and your audience the best possible experience.
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