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Exhibition stand

A unique exhibition stand, for a fixed price per m2.

Let our creative mind surprise you.

Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

We crawl into your skin and make an inventory of your wishes. What are important brand values? Which colours, shapes, ideas will we be working with? What are the objectives and expectations of the exhibition visit? Your input forms the basis of our design phase.
We have collected all input. Our designers translate your ideas into an exhibition stand that not only stands out, but also contributes to the objectives of the exhibition visit.
Stand out
Finally, it's up to you to shine. Make the most of your visit to the fair, achieve objectives and only focus on that. We take care of the rest. From construction and realization to cleaning up the stand again, that's our package.

Are you planning to participate in an exhibition with your company and do you need support in developing a concept for your exhibition stand? Discover the possibilities of StandSite; with our unique working method, we provide a stand that is fully furnished to your liking. With modular elements that can be reused and can be classified in a different setup, we can realize a suitable composition for every organization, exhibition and target group.

Decorate stand

StandSite is specialized in designing exhibition stands. If we have learned one thing, it is that every company has its own identity and wants to radiate it to the public. However, every fair is different and there are several factors that can influence the layout of your fair stand. One trade fair you focus on the business market and other trade fairs are intended to get in touch with the consumer. Sometimes you are only allocated a few square meters, where you will have much more space available next time. This makes it difficult to design a one-size-fits-all exhibition stand.

Fortunately, StandSite has the solution to adapt your exhibition stand to any situation. With our modular elements, we are able to set up and dismantle an exhibition stand in a few moments. Which elements we bring depends on your wishes and possibilities. Together we come up with a design that works every fair. Visitors cannot walk past your exhibition stand without looking back. In fact, no one keeps walking, everyone wants to experience what you have to offer!

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Professional exhibition stand

Thanks to StandSite's professional exhibition stand, you can be present at multiple exhibitions and still be relevant to the public every time. With your modulaire beursstand you can easily adapt to the situation. But what remains unchanged is the power with which you communicate the message of your company, brand or product. You are building on recognisability, but still want to be innovative. By adding elements of your branding to the design, you ensure that visitors know who you are, what you do or what you sell.

Before we design an exhibition stand,we first need the right ingredients. We want to know everything about your story, your service, your product and of course your wishes. Practical questions are also addressed: how many square meters do you have available and when should your exhibition stand be built? Our designers then go to work to design a design that meets all your needs. When you need the exhibition stand, we will assemble it. We also clean up your stand so that you are not burdened with the storage of your expo stand.

Small stands
(0 - 25 m²)


Medium stands
(25 - 50 m²)


Large stands
(50+ m²)


Competitive pricing

Thanks to our modular elements and the reuse of these parts, we can use very favorable pricing. You do not buy a stand at StandSite, but rent it. When you need the exhibition stand, we will assemble it on location. You do not have to spend man hours on the technical side of your stand and you do not have to maintain, transport or store the stand. Do you want to know how much an exhibition stand costs? That is no secret thanks to our transparent concept. We use a fixed price per square meter.

Knowing more? Get in touch!

Do you need more information or personal advice about StandSite's exhibition stand? Then feel free to contact us without any obligation. If you would like to know more about the advantages of hiring an exhibition stand compared to buying one, our professional advisors will be happy to take the time to advise you and help you design your exhibition stand according to your wishes. Feel free to use our knowledge and experience.

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