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Of course for the fixed price we

Three steps to an affordable unique
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Modular stand construction offers sustainable advantages

We like solutions that are sustainable, that ensure that our concepts remain affordable for you and that allow you to excel. Because we work with sustainable reusable components, we succeed in setting up a design stand for a very reasonable price. Of course we think it is just as important that the exhibition stand contributes to the objectives you have set for the exhibition, these are always our starting point. Do you want to find inspiration in our previous projects?
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In order to finally arrive at an exhibition stand that contributes to achieving your goals for a specific exhibition, we like to get acquainted first. It may be that you have filled out our contact form and we will call you back, or maybe you were already convinced and have already directly visited our extensive briefing formulator completed. After a request or first contact through our website, we always take a phone call. We will discuss what we have received, what we are still missing and if you need any additional options that are not within the fixed m² price.

Should you at that time our briefing formulator have not yet filled out we ask that you do so first. When this is in, we will have everything we need to slide to the drawing board.


We transform ourselves for a moment as a colleague within your company. We put ourselves in the situation and get to work on our design for the exhibition stand. From our expertise we add value to ultimately contribute to the objectives for which you participate in the exhibition! We check everything in this phase, think of the regulations of the fair, the maximum height, can things be hung up, etc., this you do not have to worry about.
Then we usually present a 2-3 designs depending on your needs and desires. We strive to always present the design including cost overview within 10 working days. The presentation is done through a video call, we are all used to that ;-). If you prefer a physical meeting with presentation, we are of course willing to consider that as well.

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Finally, it is your "time to shine". You have been able to prepare well for the fair, and we have taken care of everything concerning the fair stand. We take care of the setting up and dismantling of the stand but we are also the contact for the people on the exhibition floor. Questions to the fair about water, electricity, internet, etc. you can leave to us, our project managers arrange everything.

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After the exhibition we arrange the dismantling and possibly for storage of your exhibition stand. Was it a successful event and are you happy with our cooperation? Let us know, we are very happy with it! Place an order Google review.

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