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Modular exhibition stand

A unique exhibition stand, for a fixed price per m2.

Let our creative mind surprise you.

Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

We crawl into your skin and make an inventory of your wishes. What are important brand values? Which colours, shapes, ideas will we be working with? What are the objectives and expectations of the exhibition visit? Your input forms the basis of our design phase.
We have collected all input. Our designers translate your ideas into an exhibition stand that not only stands out, but also contributes to the objectives of the exhibition visit.
Stand out
Finally, it's up to you to shine. Make the most of your visit to the fair, achieve objectives and only focus on that. We take care of the rest. From construction and realization to cleaning up the stand again, that's our package.

Is there an important scholarship on the program that you will participate in soon? Preparing for a fair often takes a lot of time. Fortunately, StandSite can take part of the preparation off your hands with the modular exhibition stand. We provide the basis for your success with our excellent modular stand construction.

We work service-oriented, so that you can fully focus your attention and time on your own preparation. How do we do this? We take care of the design and realization of your modular exhibition stand and we also take care of the construction and dismantling of the stand. This is all included in our fixed, low price per square meter. No additional costs, no surprises, that is a hard deal.

Buy or rent a modular exhibition stand

At StandSite we work with a proven concept, where you can rent a modular exhibition stand instead of buying it. With us you are assured of a full-service service. From design to realization and from building to dismantling your modular exhibition stand, we take care of it. This allows us to reuse the modular elements, which allows us to use competitive pricing. By using the elements several times, we produce less waste, which in turn benefits the environment. Furthermore, you do not spend any space or time maintaining and storing your stand, we all take care of that.

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the creative mind
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How we work

At StandSite we realize a modular exhibition stand in three simple steps. We start every assignment with information gathering. We will discuss your wishes and objectives with you. Tell us about your brand or product and the story behind your organization also contains a lot of relevant information. Then we have one last question: how many square meters do you have available? We don't need to know more, our designers do know what to do. They translate this into a concrete design that suits you and radiates your message in a powerful manner. The third step consists of realization. We ensure that the design becomes a reality and that your modular exhibition stand is fully installed when you need it.

Small stands
(0 - 25 m²)


Medium stands
(25 - 50 m²)


Large stands
(50+ m²)


Why choose a modular exhibition stand?

  • Determine the layout of the stand completely yourself
  • Possibilities to choose a different setup for each fair
  • Extensive possibilities to dress your own branding
  • Opportunities to use the knowledge and experience of StandSite
  • Economical solution for using the stand
  • No depreciation costs for the stand
  • No use of man-hours for the construction and dismantling of the stand
  • You don't have to save or maintain the stand
  • You know in advance exactly what the costs are of using the stand

Knowing more? Get in touch!

Would you like more information about our working method or the benefits of a modular exhibition stand? Please do not hesitate to contact us, our advisors are happy to take the time to answer your questions. You can always contact us for free advice.

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