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Stand construction Rotterdam

A unique exhibition stand, for a fixed price per m2.

Let our creative mind surprise you.

Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

We crawl into your skin and make an inventory of your wishes. What are important brand values? Which colours, shapes, ideas will we be working with? What are the objectives and expectations of the exhibition visit? Your input forms the basis of our design phase.
We have collected all input. Our designers translate your ideas into an exhibition stand that not only stands out, but also contributes to the objectives of the exhibition visit.
Stand out
Finally, it's up to you to shine. Make the most of your visit to the fair, achieve objectives and only focus on that. We take care of the rest. From construction and realization to cleaning up the stand again, that's our package.

If you and your company regularly attend trade shows, you know that a professional booth makes all the difference. A good stand translates the identity of your company and that's not something you can just do. StandSite puts a lot of time and effort into designing a booth that perfectly suits your company. We are happy to help you build your stand in Rotterdam. With our ready-made stand your company will attract attention at the fair and you will achieve your goals.

Many entrepreneurs associate stand construction in Rotterdam with a high price tag. With our unique concept we prove that a unique stand does not have to cost a lot. By reusing materials and applying proven techniques, we ensure a strong presentation at a competitive price. StandSite has extensive experience in building stands in Rotterdam and our designers know exactly how to make your company's stand stand out from the competition.

Stand construction Rotterdam

StandSite is a specialist in the field of modular stand construction in Rotterdam. We use your wishes as a starting point for a unique stand. Of course, the recognition of your company plays a major role in creating a design for your stand in Rotterdam. Because we come up with a new and unique design for every exhibition, we make sure you always have something new to offer potential leads. We add branding elements of your company to make sure it doesn't detract from the recognizability of your business. Together we find the perfect balance between design and functionality.

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Your unique stand in three steps

With our unique concept, we create a booth in just three steps. An important starting point for our design is the identity of your company. We like to learn more about the people behind the brand: your vision and mission and the culture of the company. Discussing your goals and thinking with you about how to achieve them is a crucial part of our collaboration.

In the second step, our designers make the translation into a powerful and concrete plan. The final step is the realization of the booth. With premium materials and proven techniques we ensure a quality stand. We also take care of the construction and transportation of your stand in Rotterdam.

After the exhibition, we will come and break down the stand again. So our service is much more extensive than just designing your stand. This service offers you and your colleagues the space to focus entirely on the content of the presentation.

Small stands
(0 - 25 m²)


Medium stands
(25 - 50 m²)


Large stands
(50+ m²)


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Are you looking for a unique stand construction in Rotterdam? StandSite delivers unique designs for standard prices. Discover the possibilities of our modular stand construction and make sure your company is seen at the next fair. Would you like to know more about StandSite's services? Please feel free to contact us. We'll go over the options with you and advise you on the best approach for your business.

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