Exhibition display

A unique exhibition stand, with a fixed m2 price.

Let our creative mind surprise you.

Three steps to an affordable unique design stand!

A favourite formula

We need all of your favourite ingredients to compose the best cocktail!

All options are possible, your input is our starting point.

What can we add to the mix?

Shakin’ it!

Our designers mix your favourite ingredients to get a perfect flavour, in which all flavours reinforce each other.

"Shaken, not stirred"

Serving the best cocktail

An exhibition stand that, just like all the ingredients of your favourite cocktail, comes into its own. 

This is how you achieve the predetermined exhibition objectives.

If you are at a trade fair with your organization, you undoubtedly have the objective to present your company and your offer in an appropriate manner. You will use a stand for the presentation of your company. You can arrange this with a trade show display to display your offer and show it to your target group. A well-balanced combination of stand elements is essential to achieve the desired result. StandSite uses a total concept, whereby we take care of your stand down to the last detail. Your wishes are the starting point of our designers. Need a trade show booth with trade show display? StandSite takes care of it.

A trade fair display is often a very important element in the design of a trade fair stand. This means of presentation must enable the (potential) target group to get a good idea of a specific offer. In addition, a trade fair display must increase conversion. The offer must be presented in such a way that the benefits are clearly reflected. You will understand that there are various options in exhibition displays for exhibition stands.

Wide choice of exhibition displays

Are you looking for a provider with a wide choice of exhibition displays? Then you are at the right place at StandSite. We are providers of a modular stand construction concept and are therefore specialized in applications to design and furnish an exhibition stand. For example, you can choose to have a trade fair display processed in your stand. You can think of, for example, standing display cabinets, horizontal models or desk display cases. Of course, use can be made of light effects and other audiovisual effects. In addition, the advanced digital options also offer many interesting options.

Questions about your own unique exhibition stand?

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This is a 27 m2 expo stand. A good fit for your company?

Combineer met modulaire stand

When our employees show you the versatile options in exhibition displays, they will also discuss the benefits of modular stand construction with you. By using this concept you do not have to purchase a trade show display, but you can use various elements that form your stand at a very competitive price from us. So you have no storage and transport costs for the materials and you do not have to use labor hours to build up and dismantle the exhibition displays. We will do all this work for you.

Many people think of the use of standard facilities in a modular way, which is used by most of the exhibition participants. However, this is certainly not the case! The exhibition displays can, for example, be provided with their own branding elements.

Small stands

(0-25 m2)

Medium stands

(25-50 m2)

Large stands

(50+ m2)

Knowing more? Get in touch!

Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities regarding the use of a trade fair display? Feel free to contact us. Our employees are happy to take the time for you to provide you with comprehensive advice and to answer all your questions. Feel free to use our extensive experience and expertise. After all, we understand that a trade fair display is an important element in achieving your objectives. 

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